The ASA strives to promote cultural education by teaching the Syriac language. We do not only educate our youth on Assyrian history and customs, but have also made an effort to focus on teaching our language, as it is a vital component in preserving our heritage.


Word of the Week

We aim to do this in several ways. First, we post an Syriac "Word of the Week" on our social media every week, explaining how to say the chosen word in the Syriac language, including both the Eastern and Western dialects. 

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Syriac Language Tutoring

Secondly, we teach Syriac reading and writing on a weekly basis for young adults and adult beginners when our language classes are in session. We also offer workshops on Syriac reading and writing, in both Eastern and Western dialects.

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Guest Lectures

Lastly, we host lectures that focus on the Syriac language by creditable and educated Assyrians and non-Assyrians. We hope that these different avenues of teaching the Syriac language work to increase our youth's knowledge of our mother tongue, and motivates them to learn it, use it, and preserve it.

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