The origins of Assyrian folklore dances dates back to 2500 BC during the Assyrian Empire in the region of Mesopotamia. The dances contain different techniques of movement with multiple participants formed in a line, along with music to express emotions of joy and grief. Traditional dances such as Khigga Yaqoora, Gubare, Sheikhani, Bablaka, and many more, are preserved till this day amongst the millions of Assyrians that have settled various continents around the world.

The Akitu Dance Crew was proudly established by the Assyrian Student Association (ASA) of Arizona in 2013. The group strives to preserve and reintroduce the Assyrian culture to the community through music and dance. ASA dance students are taught the many movements and techniques of the folklore dances, as well as special choreographed routines by Akitu members in dance workshops offered by the ASA. These workshops include the basic, more popular dances, in addition to advanced and almost forgotten dances.

Akitu has performed at many events in the past few years, including parties, picnics, engagements, weddings, and many more. The Akitu Dance Crew may be available for your next event. Please contact us for more information at