Assyrian youth around the world, from local areas to far away countries, can connect with one another through Youth Exchanges. These exchanges serve as a method for Assyrian student/youth organizations to create large and lasting networks of Assyrian youth and encourage the forming of friendships and the exchanging of ideas, thoughts, projects, etc., as they they provide an atmosphere for learning as well as an opportunity for self-development. Through youth exchanges, participants learn not only about the Assyrian culture, but learn how to develop and host large scale events and educational programs for the benefit of Assyrian students/youth. The ASA of Arizona has participated in many exchanges in the recent past.

Featured Youth Exchange: ASA - CCASYA, 2017 - 2018

ASA of LA - AZ, 2017

AUF - ASA, 2016

ASA - ACSSU, 2016 - 2017

AJM - ASA, 2015