Who We Are

I am an Assyrian, and as an Assyrian I am obligated to be actively interested in the destiny of the Assyrians, once the greatest nation now almost forgotten. I would be an arch-criminal if I failed to assume this obligation.
— Dr. David B. Perley


Since 2013, we have led the effort to preserve Assyrian history and heritage through youth focused programs that educate the next generation on the language, art, and practices of this ancient culture. 


To unite the Assyrian youth in Arizona that share an interest in the social and educational aspects of the Assyrian culture. The ASA shall promote and sustain higher education among the students in the Assyrian community, and to preserve and raise awareness about Assyrian history and heritage.


The ASA logo was inspired by the Assyrian star, which was the symbol of the ancient Assyrian sun god "Shamash". Each point of the star is an Akkadian cuneiform letter. The letter pointing up is equivalent to the modern-day letter "sheen" (the first letter of "showtapoota" - meaning "association"). The letter pointing down is "yodh" (the first letter for "yaloopeh" - which means "students"). The letter pointing to the right is the letter "alap" (the first letter of "Atourayeh" - meaning "Assyrians"). Finally, the letter pointing to the left is also "alap" (the first letter of "Arizona").